It must’ve been nice to have little ducks swimming in your pond,

Quite a small ally, yet they have always seemed to fond. It must’ve been nice, to have a mother who sends you warm milk at a wistful night. …

They wanted me dead.

They have always wanted me dead.

The clock is ticking fast. I swear to my grave, the only shameful thing that the universe has ever created is time. My time is running out. I didn’t have a chance to run, let alone breathe. …

Mother tells me how to act. She likes to sew my bullets, my tracks, and my mistakes. Growing up in a village named Midst is awful. Strange. I have to be reminded to be grateful and keep on a tight, trained, proper smile all the time. Nod, darling. Smile, darling.

Hi, my name is Twenty One. My person said I was a bit challenging. I have become from helpless to helpful, unemployed to employed, untitled to titled. I’ve lost and gained something. I’ve become someone I wanted to be when I was younger. Apparently, I was just another stepping stone…




Respect. All I hear was just a meaningless word being thrown out of their throats like an aimed fireball. They were just letters, R.E.S.P.E.C.T, swinging around back and forth inside my head. As if the wind that shivered through our bodies didn’t…

Jakub Schikaneder

I’m scared.

As I stare at the darkened ceiling, the curtains dancing around at the rhythm of the static rain, Rainy June, as Margaret would have said.

My mattress feels hard as if it was made of Goliath’s body. My room was dark, has always been dark, as dark as…

His eyes are brown and have a little bit of yellow that shaped almost like a ring. In between those yellow-ish brown, I often found them staring at my dark eyes, with longing and thirst of a dose of me. …

Hey boy, what’s on your mind?

Whenever I write something about you on the front page, say what comes to your mind?

When I sang your broken promises out loud, where did that bring you? Did they take you back to the night when you swore such an oath?


Pavel Svedomskiy

My poor heart has been lonesome for a long time. Always keep a straight face but discreetly aware that I’ve always been avoiding the signs.

Lived in a strange castle with a strong high wall, ignoring how much I despise something that’s so rough. Shook my head and swallowed my…


This is just another platform of mine to rant the words I have not been able to articulate.

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